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About me

Kristian Baker

I am a husband, a proud father, and a fortunate individual who has dedicated a significant portion of my working life to an industry I love. As an accomplished and motivated professional, I am deeply passionate about integrating innovation, creative thinking, and operational excellence to deliver seamless and captivating customer-focused outcomes.


With over 18 years of experience in the dynamic and fast-paced world of multichannel retail, I have successfully led large teams both domestically and internationally. Building and nurturing teams, as well as aiding in the professional growth of team members, means a lot to me as a leader.

"Aiding in the professional growth of team members, means a lot to me as a leader."

My expertise lies in strategic leadership, crafting commercial content strategies, and delivering measurable results. Embracing a digital-first mindset, I am committed to fostering collaborative working relationships to drive the achievement of organizational objectives.


"Without data it's just another opinion."


With an extensive background in the creative industry, I possess a keen understanding of the challenges inherent in subjective outcomes. Transitioning into the ecommerce space, I recognize the paramount importance of listening to the customer's voice. Leveraging cutting-edge insight tools such as Glassbox and ContentSquare, among others, has empowered me to swiftly translate data into actionable decisions that resonate with the customer's needs, thereby driving optimal outcomes for the business. 


Amy Brady

Co Founder  


"I can always count on Kristian to bring a fresh perspective to any project and he's so easy to work with, which is really important to us."

Paul Burden

Head off Design and Creative 


"One of the most creative designers I've worked with, his work helped reshape Menswear at Next."

Jess Brown

Director of Ecommerce 


"Able to navigate challenging situations and influence stakeholders for desired outcomes.
All with a wry smile ."
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